Distributed Modeling in Hydrology using Digital Data and Geographic Information Systems

Hydro GIS Short Course 
University of Padua 
Spring 2000

David Tarboton
Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Utah Water Research Laboratory
Utah State University


Lecture 1. Introduction and use of ArcView

[Powerpoint slides italy1.ppt]

Lecture 2. Watershed and stream network delineation

[Powerpoint slides italy2.ppt]

Lecture 3. DEM Based Hydrologic Modeling

[Powerpoint slides italy3.ppt]

Lecture 4. Computer Modeling/GIS Linkages

[Powerpoint slides italy4.ppt]


Introduction to ArcView
Watershed and Stream Network Delineation
Exercise on Topmodel
Programming distance to outlet from each grid cell exercise


GIS data types and structures
Hydrology Data Model Definitions

Some of this material is based on exercises prepared by David Maidment at the Center for Research in Water Resources at the University of Texas at Austin and used in his GIS in Water Resources Online course.

These materials may be used for study, research, and education, but please credit the authors and the Utah Water Research Laboratory, Utah State University. All commercial rights reserved. Copyright 2000 Utah State University.