Geographic Information Systems in Water Resources
4 week module offered online as part of CUAHSI Virtual University
Fall Semester 2019

Instructor: David G Tarboton
Utah State University

CUAHSI Virtual University

Course Syllabus: 2019CUAHSIVirtualUniversityCourseSyllabus_USU_Times.pdf

David Tarboton YouTube channel where class videos are archived

ArcGIS Basics: This course will use ArcGIS Pro from ESRI. The prerequisite is basic knowledge of GIS through any prior GIS course or self-preparation through the 3 hour free Getting Started with ArcGIS Pro lesson from ESRI at    If you have not worked with ArcGIS before please work through this module as soon as you can.

Instructions for Accessing and using ArcGIS Pro Software.


Overview Slides

Lecture Material






Introduction to GIS in Water Resources. Data sources.Slides, Outline and Schedule, Exercise 0, Video



Exercise 1: Building a Base Map,, Video



Spatial Analysis. Synopsis, Slides, Pre-Recording Spatial Analysis Overview Video, Pre-Recording Raster Calculator Video, Pre-Recording Topographic Slope Video, Discussion Video



Exercise 2: Spatial analysis in Hydrology.  Slope Exercise, Data, Video, Spatial Precipitation Exercise, Data, Video, Intermediate data (Download this file if you are unable to use the Living Atlas or Ready To Use Tools. Within this geodatabase lbldem is the digital elevation model produced by the Clip Raster tool on page 9 of the exercise. feature_set and feature_set1 are the feature sets produced by the Watershed ready to use tool.)



Digital Elevation Model Watershed and Stream Network Delineation. Synopsis, Slides, Apologies. I made a mistake in starting the recording for this lecture, and as a result it was not recorded. If you missed the lecture, you can glean some of what was presented just from the slides. However as a work around, I also wanted to provide links to similar lectures given as part of the GIS in Water Resources class taught in 2018. See Specifically look at September 27 and October 2 lectures. There are slides and videos there, so you can see where the slides are the same (and different). The lecture I presented 9/17/19 was a combination of these 9/27/18 and 10/2/18 lectures. Listening to these lectures should give you the gist of what was presented. September 27, 2018 Slides, Video. October 2, 2018 Slides, Video



Exercise 3: Watershed and Stream Network Delineation, Video



Extending ArcGIS using Programming. Slides, Demo Data, Video.



Exercise 4: Height above Nearest Drainage (HAND) Flood Inundation Mapping, Slides, Exercise, Little Bear Data, Onion Creek Data, Video