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Welcome to the T.W. Daniel Experimental Forest page.

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This page is the result of a project funded by Mineral Lease funds administered by the Office of the Vice-president for Research at Utah State University.  The project will demonstrate ecosystem management on the Daniel Forest.  In order to increase the value of the forest for teaching and demonstration, a variety of silvicultural treatments are planned to introduce diversity, and to evaluate alternative silvicultural prescriptions.  We have completed data collection for most of the experimental forest, and are adding the finishing touches to a GIS system. The Logan Ranger District, USDA Forest Service, has an environmental assessment out discussing proposed management alternatives. 


T.W. "Doc" Daniel at the dedication in August 1996     

Management Alternativesselected for T.W. Daniel Forest Vicinity and why we proposed them

The first treatment is being implemented in the lodgepole pine type in the Slideout drainage. It is approximately 30% complete as of December 1, 2000, when harvesting was halted for the winter.

Proposed Reference Conditions for Spruce-fir, lodgepole pine, and aspen forest types.  

Spruce Beetle Situation

The Landscape management system (LMS) allows users to display the visual characteristics of a landscape.   We have posted a current image of the Daniel Forest, and will post several others as we try to depict the different management alternatives. 

Many papers have resulted from studies done on the Daniel Experimental forest.  Click here to view a list of them. If you know of others, please send e-mail to the webmaster.  

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