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TauDEM/TARDEM Versions

See Update Notes for additional details on each version.

  • TauDEM 5.3.7 (October 2016) - Added support for ArcGIS Pro and C++ 11 in anticipation of code improvements being developed in C++ 11.
  • TauDEM 5.3.5 (May 2016) — Fixed bug in handling of features that do not have an EPSG code and error and warning reporting related to spatial references.
  • TauDEM 5.3.4 (March 2016) — Fixes BIGTIFF bug in 5.3.3
  • TauDEM 5.3.3 (March 2016) — Fixes bugs in 5.3.2
  • TauDEM 5.3.2 (February 2016) — Extends OGR library use to additional feature types. Adds SINMAP and adjusts raster compression.
  • TauDEM 5.3.1 (November 2015) — Uses OGR library for vectors.
  • TauDEM 5.3.0 (October 2015) — Uses GDAL library for rasters. Adds functionality to perform calculations in geographic coordinates. Version 5.3 combines the separate code bases that were present to support version 5.1.x (single files) and 5.2 (multiple files).
  • TauDEM 5.2 (August 2014) — Multifile version released from GItHub. This approach has been discontinued and this version deprecated in favor of using GDAL starting with version 5.3. GDAL accommodates large files (including BigTIFF GeoTIFF and several others).
  • TauDEM 5.1.1 (August 2013), 5.1.2 (January 2014) and Multifile (August 2013) — Compiled to use Microsoft HPC Pack 2012 MS-MPI Redistributable Package (5.1.1), switched from old shapefile code to shapelib 1.3.0 from http://download.osgeo.org/shapelib/ for reading and writing of shapefiles (5.1.2). Multifile version (5.2) released as command line executables. This overcame the 4 GB GeoTIFF file size limit by breaking the domain into multiple files that collectively represented the grid. Folders containing multiple files were provided as input arguments instead of files.
  • TauDEM 5.0 (June 2010) and 5.1 (February 2012) — Uses the MPI approach for parallel processing and contains both individual command line .exe's as well as an ArcGIS Toolbox user interface. Version 5.0 is the latest version that supports ArcGIS 9.3.x. Version 5.1 introduced user interface written in Python to support ArcGIS version 10.
  • TauDEM 4.0 (July 2009) — Provides support for ArcGIS Geoprocessing through the TauDEM Tools geoprocessing toolbox. Adds functionality through this toolbox. Requires ArcGIS 9.3 or later.
  • TauDEM 3.1 (First released May 2005, periodic upgrades till September 2008) — Adds support for MapWindow and fixes some bugs.
  • Archive versions [No longer recommended]
    • TauDEM 3.0 (August 2004) — Version 3.0 was a restructuring of the grid data access functionality to avoid dependence on the MapWindow tkgrid utility that had problems reading the Windows registry and an upgrade to work with ArcGIS 9.0.
    • TauDEM 2.0 (September 2002) — This was a restructuring of the packaging of TauDEM. Instead of a standalone executable that had MapWindow inserted as a control, TauDEM has now been made into a Plugin, that can work with both MapWindow and ArcGIS. Substantial additional functionality has been added and quite a few bugs removed.
    • TauDEM 1.0 (July 2001)
    • TARDEM 4.0 (May 2000 command line version)
    • TARDEM 1.0 — Code used in Tarboton, 1997 paper

TauDEM (Terrain Analysis Using Digital Elevation Models) and it’s predecessor TARDEM (TARboton Digital Elevation Models) are a set of tools for the analysis of terrain using digital elevation models.